I KNEW Brave would win best animated film.

I didn’t WANT it to though.

I liked ParaNorman and Wreck-It Ralph more.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Brave.
I just felt it didn’t quite live up to Pixar’s standards.

I knew it would win though cuz it has all the tropes that the Oscars eat up.
(the Scottish highland setting, a young woman fighting for her freedom, a film made by Pixar, etc.)

Also, why weren’t Rise of the Guardians or The Secret World of Arrietty nominated?

Oh well, as long as Paperman won best animated short.
I didn’t realize Guacamole was nominated. That’s a really great short too…
but Paperman is still my favorite.

  1. kathfarsis said: Good point about it having all the Oscar bait tropes. If you need proof that I’m a cynical arsehole, I knew it would win simply by virtue of being Pixar. That category’s been rigged for a few years now, I swear.
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    As I’ve said before, Brave probably only one because of Merida’s hair.
  4. jibbahjabbahwock said: I felt the same way. Brave was good, but it was missing that special something that was in Toy Story 3, Up, and Wall-E. I still maintain that Brave was Pixar making a Disney movie, and WIR was Disney making a Pixar movie. And Disney definitely won.
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